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GreenHouse PlayHouse is a proposed cultural center and theatre-in-the-round located in the NCP Carpark/Chorlton Street Coach Station on Chorlton Street, Manchester. The project was to be designed to preserve the existing structure of the carpark.

My approach to understanding and communicating ideas has always been to deconstruct a complicated system to its fundamental components and understand how these elements interact with one another. I’ve recreated the project at a number of different scales. The connection detail at 1:2 for instance, is a perfect example of a number of separate fundamental elements that come together to form the final model.

The building model at 1:200 was built to communicate large scale aspects of the building such as the relationship it shares with the existing structural framework, the different façade systems, towers and the main central brass-clad theatre space.

Finally, the 1:50 sectional model communicates the interaction of different spaces and floors. The structural system can be understood by observing the ceilings, façade systems were designed keeping the actual building details in mind, the existing building elements were cast in a separate material and the theatre was laser-engraved and added as the main contrasting element. Other elements like the engraved detail section and entrance model were then added to further communicate the individual interactions between building elements and to give the observer a sense of the point of entry respectively.


GreenHouse PlayHouse

BA(Hons) | Manchester School of Architecture

Akhil Mathew

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